Spain Investors Day (SID)


Spain for investors and local companies. For two days in a row, institutional investors from all over the world have the opportunity to hold B to B encounters with top managers from Spain’s largest companies, those among the IBEX 35 listed companies, in order to gather crucial information that help them decide on future investments or agreements.

SID gives Spanish listed companies a unique opportunity for letting the market know their reality, future plans, strategy, business plan in order to attract investors and get the financial resources needed to supporting their activity and growth.

Blas Calzada, Chairman of SID’s Governing Council, defined this meeting as a “unique opportunity for the international promotion of Spanish Companies”.

SID’s first edition took place in Madrid. It gathered together up to 33 IBEX companies and more than 200 international investors, who held a total of 451 meetings.

The SID’s second edition exceeded the previous figures with almost 500 meetings, both “one to many” and “one to one” encounters. It also counted with a high participation of foreign investors from the U.S.A., Great Britain, France, Germany, Netherland, Italy, Portugal, Denmark and Norway, among others.

The third edition was the consolidation of Spain Investors Day as an international finance forum to foster foreign investment in Spain. During this edition 35 Spanish Companies held more than 800 one to one meetings and nineteen plenary sessions.
In the fouth edition, were attended more than 220 investors from 15 countries worldwide. Over 750 private meetings (one to one type) were held between investors and companies, as well as 17 presentations (one too many type) to investors took place. And 37 Spanish companies, 80% from IBEX 35, participated.

His Majesty the Father King of Spain chaired the Honors Committee of the SID and His Majesty the King of Spain, Felipe VI, opened the III edition.

The Spanish Government has a relevant presence at SID. Authorities use SID’s public events, such as conferences, official dinners and others, to announce crucial political decisions on regulation or future policies, affecting the Spanish industry and the financial world.

Due to the interest it generates among stakeholders from very different fields, SID has become Spain’s financial annual kick-off event. It also generates plenty of Media coverage.



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