SFE FinTech. What is it and what do you need to know

SFE is delighted to invite you to a breakfast briefing with PA Consulting on FinTech – what is it and what do you need to know.

The term FinTech is now common place in the media and being used in Board Rooms and Executive Team meetings across a wide range of Financial Services organisations. FinTech providers are growing by the day, covering products and services that pick away at many of the components of what traditional organisations offer and introduce new services which customers have yet to even think about.

This is evidenced by the fact that $5.4bn has been invested since 2010 in the UK FinTech market which is now part of a $12bn global FinTech market. This has tripled in size over the last two year. The FinTech world is a complicated ecosystem of start-ups, spin offs, incubators, accelerators, investors, government and consumers.  It is shrouded in myths and jargon and navigating it can be a headache for Financial Services companies.

To help understand the FinTech market, the briefing will cover:

What do we mean by FinTech and who are the players.
What are the exciting FinTech development areas and how can they help a bank, asset manager or Life company.
Ways to engage with the FinTech world.

The session will be led by Kevin O’Shaughnessy, Partner at PA Consulting with 18 years’ experience delivering digital transformation for the Financial Services industry and Vaughan Jenkins who is involved in the design, build and implementation of innovative personal finance management tools and FinTech developments in banking and insurance sectors.


Date:   Tuesday 19 April 2016 
Time:  08:30 arrival, with a 09:00 start and a 10:00 finish
 Venue: 6th Floor, 80 George Street, Edinburgh, EH2 3BU


More info: Scottish Financial Enterprise