A More Transparent Union?

With the first anniversary of the Better Regulation Package approaching, an assessment is called for. Has democracy been better served and the legitimacy of regulation strengthened since its introduction? Do European citizens have better access to the documents of the European institutions as a result of the new transparency requirements for proceedings? This seminar will provide participants with an answer to practical questions on access to information and documents, as well as the new forms of participation in the EU legislative process.

Key topics

  • The Better Regulation Agenda and the  Regulatory Fitness and Performance Programme (REFIT)
  • The new Interinstitutional Agreement
  • Access to documents of the EU Institutions and its agencies
  • Complaints to the European Ombudsman
  • Access to documents in trade-related matters: TDI/TTIP


Brussels, 28 April 2016 – 29 April 2016


More info: Academy for European Law ERA