How does the Commission define "impact" and what are H2020 evaluators looking for?

Do you really have the knowledge you need to get Horizon 2020 funding?
Writing a technically correct bid does not necessarily improve your chances of Horizon 2020 funding. It simply means that you are following the official rule book – like thousands of other applicants. The Science|Business Horizon 2020 Intelligence Service will provide you with the intelligence behind the rule book to give you a real understanding of what the European Commission – the client – wants. We will interpret their latest thinking and explain why and how this should be integrated into your proposal. Do you know why the Commission is placing more emphasis on impact? We do! Whether it’s positioning your project in the right way with a good storyline or understanding how to describe the impact and dissemination of your project, we will provide the tips to help you succeed. 

What is “Impact” – how does the Commission define it and what are H2020 evaluators looking for?
When Robert-Jan Smits, the European Commission’s Director-General for Research and Innovation,  told Science|Business in mid-2015 that ‘impact’ will become even more important in the evaluation process, what did he mean and why did he say it? To have the best chance of success with your H2020 bid, you need to understand the definitions and interpretations. We will provide you with:

  • examples of what it is and what it is not
  • tips on how/where to find the necessary input for writing a good Impact section
  • examples of how you can write Impact in a convincing manner
  • tips to be able to implement and deliver on what you are promising


Date: Tuesday, 19 April 2016 16:00
Venue: online webinar


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