The Fintech Summit

The Fintech Summit, an initiative of the Tech Tour and the International Venture Club, will take place in Paris May 4, 2016 and  will focus on showcasing the best investment opportunities within the Fintech industry in Europe.
Global Investments in Fintech tripled to $12.21 billion in 2014 from $4.05bn in 2013 (Source: Accenture) and Fintech is one of the fastest growing sectors in the European Market. The agenda will include 20 innovative company presentations by CEOs, discussion panels, keynotes and top level networking including the Networking Dinner. 120+ guests will be present at the dinner, representing the "Who's Who" of the Fintech and Venture Capital market who are invited to join our Tech Tour delegates, including top executives from blue chip technology companies, international venture capitalists, investment bankers, specialized press, regional accelerators and advisers coming from all around the world.

 "The Digital revolution is increasingly challenging banking and insurance services, an industry that only a few thought could be transformed until recently. As of now disruptive investments are targeting all businesses such as payments, remittance, private banking. Which led to an investment in Fintech companies of more than $12B in the year 2014 alone."

The programme and pitches will revolve around the following themes:

Payment & Billing Tech
Personal Finance
Insurance Tech
Asset Management
Money Transfer
Security & Fraud
Blockchain (bitcoin, cybersecurity)
Business Tools

Fintech Summit 2016 will take place in Paris, France.

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